TV Cabinet ZOSKA - 210 cm

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ZOSKA is an exceptional, retro and vintage-inspired TV cabinet from the WARSAW collection, which will be a great addition to rooms such as the living room, bedroom, or office. Made from real wood, it guarantees durability and a unique appearance – each model has different grain patterns and shades. The addition of two spacious drawers on the sides and two open shelves in the central part allows for convenient storage of essential items. At the back of the ZOSKA TV cabinet, you will also find a cable hole.

Width: 210 cm
Depth: 40 cm
Height: 50 cm

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Colour: AMBER

RTV cabinet ZOSKA is a great choice for a TV or any other equipment. The retro-style model is 210 cm wide, 50 cm high and 40 cm deep, making it perfect for large, spacious spaces. We particularly recommend placing it in such rooms as a living room, office or bedroom decorated in industrial style and beyond. The main advantages of the product include, first of all, the execution of natural wood (Indian mango or Indian rosewood) and vintage style. Thanks to this, the RTV cabinet from the Warszwa collection will give the interiors an uncommon climate and make them functional and comfortable to use.

RTV cabinet ZOSKA perfectly refers to the retro, communist, vintage and modern classic style. In our store you can also order it in other sizes (you can choose up to 4 different widths). What's more, the model is equipped with two capacious drawers on the sides and two shelves in the middle. There was no lack of a wide and adequately deep top, so you can put on it even a 60-inch TV and large speakers. The beveled legs and rounded corner finishes are the perfect complement to the Zośka RTV cabinet. The furniture is recommended not only for TVs, but also for all other flat auto video equipment.

All of our furniture has been handcrafted from natural wood. The grain and shade of each piece are unique and may differ from that shown in the photos. Knots, knot cavities, local gaps, rubbing or unevenness are the result of handwork using natural raw materials and do not constitute a defect in the product.

A tolerance of +- 3% applies to the given dimensions of furniture.

More about the characteristics of our natural wood products - read here.

To maintain its properties and unique appearance, natural wood requires care - learn more.

Main features:

  • elegant matte finish
  • unique grain and shade
  • The addition of two flat shelves and two large capacity pull-out drawers
  • simple installation by screwing on the feet
  • possibility to combine with other furniture from the Warszawa collection
  • diagonal legs that give the chest of drawers lightness


210 cm
45 cm (including legs 15 cm)
40 cm


fabrication material
Indian mango wood or Indian rosewood
stain, satin varnish
mango wood: caramel, amber , rosewood: cow, honey, chocolate
Drawer depth.
32 cm
Drawer height.
18 cm
Drawer width.
58 cm
Weight of goods with packaging.
Shelf depth.
36 cm
Shelf height.
12 cm
Shelf width.
63 cm
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