If you are a person who values natural products with a unique appearance that are not mass-produced in thousands of identical pieces but are handmade, then you've come to the right place!

All Table4U furniture is handmade from natural wood. This makes each piece unique. We make every effort to highlight or preserve the natural appearance of the wood in our furniture. Variations in grain and color between the boards used to make the furniture elements (including fronts, backs, and tops), knots, knot holes, local cracks, gaps, and irregularities filled with hardening wood filler are not considered defects. Instead, they are an integral part of the furniture, giving it its distinctive character. Metal elements used in some furniture, also did not come out of the machine and were made by hand. Small imperfections, visible welds, are an indispensable part of them and account for their unique character.

1.Dimensional Tolerance

As a result of the processes of working, leveling, and fitting the wood, the dimensions may differ from the values indicated in the offer within the following limits:

  • Length and width of the tabletop: +/- 3%
  • Height of the table: +/- 10mm

2.Natural Wood Characteristics

Characteristics of natural wood and those related to the nature of this material and its manual processing, such as knots, local cracks or gaps, knot holes, abrasions, irregularities, Mango color variations ranging from yellow to red, and light spots on Sheesham wood, have a key impact on the appearance and unique character of our furniture. This is the result of manual work using natural raw materials, not a defect.

Solid wood is a hygroscopic material, sensitive to inconsistent temperatures and levels in humidity. If the air humidity is too low, it will make wood release water molecules, which leads to cracking, warping, and other issues that make the wood unfit for production.

Indian Mango

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Indian rosewood

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3.Conditions of Use

The furniture must be assembled before use. Assembly involves attaching the legs and/or handles using the provided screws. Due to the handmade nature of the product, each leg/set of legs is matched to specific holes marked with a letter or number (e.g., 1-1, A-A). When setting up the furniture, do not support it by the legs, as the resulting stress may cause them to crack at the attachment points. During assembly, special care must be taken—do not place heavy objects on the furniture, do not lean on it, and ensure the furniture is not dropped, as this could lead to damage.

The room where the wooden product is stored/used should have a temperature between 18-23 degrees Celsius and a relative humidity between 40-65%. The wooden product is not

intended for outdoor use, on balconies/terraces, or in basement rooms that do not meet the above temperature and humidity conditions. The product should not be used in humid rooms or in places where it would be exposed to moisture. Moisture can warp the wood, cause discoloration, swelling, softening, and other damage to the product.

Failure to provide the wooden product with appropriate storage/usage conditions can lead to cracks, splitting, warping, deformations, and other defects of the furniture, as well as uneven surfaces. Additionally, the product should not be placed near heat sources such as stoves, fireplaces, radiators, and ovens, or near open flames. This can result in damage to the wood, discoloration, warping, or other destruction. Hot, cold, or heavy objects should not be placed on the furniture surfaces, and the furniture should not be exposed to prolonged contact with water or other liquids. Actions contrary to these recommendations can cause damage, discoloration, warping, and deformations of the furniture.

The furniture should be placed on a level surface. Placing the furniture on an uneven surface can cause damage, warping, and deformations. During transport and storage, the furniture should be provided with the same temperature and humidity conditions as for its use (temperature: 18-23 degrees Celsius, relative humidity between 40-65%).

The mechanisms extending the tabletop in the case of extendable tables have limited load capacity. The static load that the tabletop extensions can withstand is a maximum of 7 kg. Loading the furniture with a heavier weight can cause damage, including breaking the mechanisms extending the tabletop.

4.Color Changes

Wood can change color when exposed to sunlight, which is a natural process and characteristic of wooden products.

5.Safe Use

The primary condition for the safe use of the furniture is its placement on a flat and stable surface. Additionally, furniture such as dressers, shelves, and bookcases should be secured to the wall. Therefore, before using the furniture, make sure that it is stable and properly mounted to the wall.

If the furniture shows signs of mechanical damage, deformation, or warping that results in instability, it should not be used until it is repaired.