Wood care - what to clean solid wood furniture with

In the past, wooden furniture was synonymous with luxury - today it is a designer element of interior decoration in various styles. When deciding on wood furniture, you need to remember to properly care for and maintain it. A few simple steps will ensure that they will serve you for many years and maintain an aesthetic appearance. What to clean wooden furniture with? How to properly impregnate them? What to avoid during daily use? Care of wood furniture is a topic we will introduce in the following text!

Daily use - what should be kept in mind?

The wood from which our furniture is made has undergone proper drying processes and is intended for indoor use. Natural, solid wood works all the time, which means that depending on factors such as temperature, humidity, or use, deformations or cracks may appear on it. To increase its lifespan and protect it from excessive wear and damage, it is important to follow a few important rules:

Do not place hot or cold dishes directly on the countertop,

When you write or otherwise physically affect the countertop - use pads,

Keep the temperature in the room between 18 and 23 degrees Celsius and the humidity at 40-60%. If you have underfloor heating in your apartment, place your furniture on felt pads,

Do not place furniture near heat sources such as radiators, stoves or ovens,

Wipe down dust regularly,

Do not expose furniture to water - when you happen to spill something, take care to wipe the stain dry immediately,

Remove dirt on a regular basis - use a special polish for this purpose.

What to clean wood with?

Good condition and long life of wooden furniture is also guaranteed by care and systematic cleaning with specially designed preparations. Never buy universal agents! When choosing a cleaning product, be guided primarily by the type of wood - other agents are used to clean oiled, lacquered or waxed furniture. Also remember a few important rules:

when cleaning, do not apply the product directly on the furniture - use soft, gentle sponges and cloths.

use a different cloth to apply the product, and another to remove the dissolved dirt

always wipe wooden furniture according to the grain direction

Care and maintenance of wooden furniture

In the case of wooden furniture, it is worth remembering the maintenance procedures performed periodically - before using a maintenance product, the furniture should be thoroughly cleaned of dirt, dust and any debris. The next steps vary depending on the type of wooden furniture:

Lacquered furniture

Cleaning off dust and dirt removes the protective layer of lacquered furniture, so after removing the dirt, the wooden piece should be re-protected. When choosing a product designed for this purpose, it is worth considering the final effect (gloss or matte) - when applying it, use a clean microfiber cloth and gently rub the product into the wood, then wipe the surface with a clean cloth.

Oiled furniture

Oiling treatment brings out the natural beauty of the wood - the furniture is pleasant to the touch, resistant to moisture and UV radiation, and retains its original character. You can wipe oiled furniture on a daily basis with a damp cloth - a great way to keep it looking beautiful is to clean it every 2 months with a cloth soaked in the oil it was originally oiled with. Full oiling should also be done periodically - apply oil with a soft brush along the grain - apply a second coat after about 24 hours.

Waxed furniture

Care of the surface of waxed furniture is somewhat time-consuming - its first step is to remove dust from the cleaned surface with a clean, dry cloth. The second step is proper care - for this purpose, cleaners with wax are used, which not only clean, but also form an additional protective layer. When choosing a product for waxed furniture, pay attention to the shade of the furniture - on the market you can find products dedicated to different shades of wood.